The Prioresses, Principals and Formators got together in Sacred Heart Convent, Faisalabad, in St. Joseph Province Pakistan on 27 to 29 January 2017.  The topic they reflected upon was: “Community Life and Mission”.

- “Community and Communion”  by Jean Vanier: If we want our community together we have to work together. If we are together there will be peace, harmony, integrity etc…
To build a community it is essential to practice Unity, sharing, acceptance, availability, loving, caring, communication, listening, belonging, openness and allow the spirit to work in our communities; if not, there would be war and restlessness. It demands witness and transformation.

- Reflection on “Religious Life is changing" by Timothy Radcliffe O.P.: “Community Life and Mission hope for future”.
The community life is a challenge for our Mission. Generational gap and changes are values and are barriers too. It’s a fact that without crises there is no growth in the community. It is up to us how to tackle them.

“I think that today it is more important to let God live in us,
in such a way that others can hear him within us and arrive at belief
because they hear how God lives within us”

The Jesuit bishop of Port Pirie in Australia, Gregory O’Kelly, wrote: “Poverty is everything I have: chastity is everything I am; obedience is everything I shall be”. Our way of living the religious vows evolves at the same time as it is giving shape to the way we live in the world.

The meeting ended in a happy and fraternal atmosphere. 


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